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At The Gilbert Firm, all of our clients have one thing in common – they are victims. Making matters even worse, many people, after enduring a traumatic injury, find themselves thrust into struggle against big business and insurance companies. The Gilbert Firm is recognized as a leading personal injury law firm, based in the North Florida area, but serving the entire state of Florida.

We realize no amount of money can ever truly compensate victims for their injuries.   However, The Gilbert Firm is dedicated to fighting vigorously for our clients’ interest and striving to recover the compensation our clients deserve.

We are dedicated to protecting you and ensuring that you are justly compensated for you or your loved one’s injuries.  We have the experience and skills necessary to protect your interests inside and outside of the courtroom. We recognize that there are a lot of personal injury attorneys to choose from.  For that reason, we endeavor to provide the personalized services, committed application, and unmatched dedication to you and your claim.   THE GILBERT FIRM is the right choice when it comes to choosing a law firm.

Injury cases are not just business for us, they’re personal.  When we take on a new client, we adopt them as part of our family and we fight for them in every way possible and as vigorously as we would fight for ourselves.

Our goal simple:  ACHIEVE THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS FOR OUR CLIENTS in each case we handle.  We have been repeatedly successful in hitting our mark.  We are committed to protecting and advocating for the rights of people who are injured by the negligence of others.

We provide assurance in times of uncertain.

Quality service with Care and Concern.

If you have a case or questions about your legal rights, then please contact The Gilbert Firm, P.A.  at any time for a consultation.