Public Speaking

As one of the Florida’s fastest rising attorneys, LaDray B. Gilbert, Esquire has become an ‘in-demand’ motivational speaker. Gilbert combines the presence of an evangelist and the command of a seasoned attorney to captivate audiences with his personal story of agony and triumph. Gilbert has spoken at some of the most prestigious institutions in this country. Engagements at Harvard, UNC-Chapel Hill, and The Citadel have made him a highly-sought-after resource in business, professional, and academic arenas.

Attorney Gilbert regularly speaks to small businesses, non-profit and community organizations. LaDray Gilbert delivers a powerful message of dreaming big, setting massive goals, perseverance, and uplifting others. Since he was five, he has been delivering speeches to packed venues and has continued expanding his oratory exploits to go along with his, already, distinguished legal career.

While only in his 30’s, Attorney Gilbert has become the embodiment of success and desires to share his story and life lessons with others. He has received innumerable awards and honors from both local and national organizations. He has served as a general counsel for both local and national organizations. The message he delivers always inspires, enlightens, and motivates. He’s truly gifted speaking to crowds.

As a budding Keynote Speaker, LaDray Gilbert uses his own personal hardships and triumphs to empower people to vigilantly attack the barriers of the world around them. A skilled litigator, Gilbert intertwines his heartfelt life story into a personable story in which audiences can directly relate. Fueled by the lessons and career successes of his mentors, Gilbert has forged his own path to achievement that in which he beckons others to follow him upon.

He realizes that a person’s dreams aren’t as far away as they seem. He compels his audiences to not allow life and opportunity pass them by when we are were created for a greater purpose . His words will encite his audience to believe, dream big, and achieve time and time again with this proven model of success.